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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_021710

Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_021710 - These notes go...

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These notes go alone with the Marketing Strategy slides The Marketing Management Concept - Customer is in the center of the marketing management concept map Customer Analysis Who buys? Buyer (actually pays), decider (influential person), influencer (ex. child, media), user/household, individual/business (different quantity and accountability), demographics (income), psychographics (lifestyle) Why? benefits sought How? information search, evaluation process Where? location When? timing, frequency (consumption) Needs- both current and for the future Competition - Anyone fighting for your same market sale now and in the future Brand competition: narrowest; ex. Toyota vs. Honda Industry competition: cars; ex. Toyota vs. GM, BMW, Ferrari Form competition: transportation; ex. Toyota vs. Harley Generic competition: $18-20K; Toyota vs. tuition or in ground pool Competitor Analysis Goals: want to be number one; match/beat them Strategy: what they are doing to reach their goals Assumption:
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