Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_041410

Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_041410 - Persuasion...

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Unformatted text preview: Persuasion Definition: an active attempt to change beliefs, attitudes and preferences (Not behavior)- Change how/what they think , not what they do United vs. American:- Customer perception- United has more leg room than American b/c Ad but NOT true Message Learning Approach- From experience with US propaganda WWII- Yielding: consumers are convinced by ads- Aristotle quote= relevant to this Source factors:- Credibility is very important- Attractiveness (not always credible, just attractive o Does source really make a difference? Celebrity Endorsement:- Not experts, but because we look up to them and want to resemble then they can get us to buy - If fit is good, eventually increase sales- Nothing sells like celebs because when shopping we want to be influenced Maneuver easy way ad:- Give yourself a break and think about the good old days- Propaganda by Nazis aimed at American soldiers Message factors:- What you hear of see on ad= message- When say some flaws give you credibility especially if people are not so sure about...
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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_041410 - Persuasion...

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