Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_042110

Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_042110 - Persuasion...

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Persuasion continued… Indirect persuasion: - Example: great cheese form happy cow, happy cow from California—California cheese= great - Logistic effect Advantages: - Less counter arguments - More memorable - Leads to strong attitudes Disadvantages: - Wrong inferences - Low involvement or cognition (don’t want or can’t think about the ad)—NO conclusion Social Influence Liking: - Whether sales person likes client, once feel that they like you, feel safe - Why Tupperware parties are successful? Because hostess invited me. She likes me, I want to make her happy so I buy something 6.2 Reciprocity: - doing something (nice/unexpected) for consumer so consumer feels obligated to do something in return - Private labels at Hong Kong hotel. Now talks about it a lot making hotel famous - door-in-the-face technique: when we slam door for first time we won’t usually get slammed on then again example: 3yr warranty for $500, say No b/c expensive but 1yr for $100 say yes, company wanted to sell you 1 yr the whole time
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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_042110 - Persuasion...

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