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Channels Designing channels: - Questions to consider o How do we sell our product to our consumers? o Who should deliver our product? 5 steps: 1. Identify homogenous segments o Where consumers want/look for products o Examples: online vs. offline shopping 2. Identify/prioritize Customers’ requirements o What they want o Example: want assortment, go to COTSCO because sells everything 3. o Example: direct sales—more knowledgeable about product, consumer goes to sales person (distribution) 4. Find Channels to Satisfy Customers’ Requirements o Example: open online; distributors won’t be happy because you are taking some of their sales 5. Evaluate cost/benefit Channel o Do they changes make sense? Is it worth the money? Basic types of Channels: - Direct Marketing Channels , example: Southwest, Avon—Service industry - Indirect Marketing Channels , example: DVDs - Multiple Channels, example: Coach (store, online etc.) Are intermediaries needed? -
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Intro to Marketing_Herzenstein_Date_042810 - Channels...

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