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Introduction to Latin American...

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Pre-Columbian Andean Societies - Archaic - to 900 BC - Shift from food gathering and hunting to agriculture - Social groups were small and semi-nomadic - Pre-Classic - 900 B.C. to 100 B.C. - Major advances in agriculture which led to an economy based solely on agriculture and sedentary lifestyle - Irrigation came into use in some areas - A few animals were domesticated - Pottery and weaving were highly developed - Increased food production allowed villagers to support a class of priests who acted as intermediaries between people and gods - More abundant food also released labor for the construction of ceremonial sites (mounds of earth topped by temples of wood or thatch) - Village community was comprised of one or more kinship groups, by the end of this period small chiefdoms (comprised of several villages) developed - Land and food were abundant and populations were small which meant little warfare - Religion centered on the worship of water and fertility gods (human sacrifice was absent or rare) - Classic - 100 B.C. to 1,000 A.D. - Flowering of material, intellectual, and artistic culture - No basic changes in technology - Extension of irrigation caused increases in food production and freed man power for construction and technical tasks - Populations increased and some cities were developed - Metallurgy and astronomy flourished in Peru - Construction developed from simple earth mounds into huge stone structures - Construction of palaces and other religious centers
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Introduction to Latin American...

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