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Introduction to Latin American...

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Columbus - Columbus sailed for money; profit - China - Riches - Spices - Unavailable to the general public, very rare, at this time only found in the East; equivalent to precious metals - Ex: boatload of pepper equivalent to a boatload silver - Technology - Paper - Gunpowder - Compass - Silk Road - Chinese may have found America first, disappointed by discoveries and went back to China with the ideology that if people wanted to trade with China they could come to China - Crusades - Constantinople - Capital of the Byzantine empire, conquered by the Turks in . .. - Only overland route to China but closed off when the Muslims (Turks) close the route - Europeans have to find an alternate route - Philosophers - philosophies on how many miles were between Europe and China - Ptolemy - 18,000 miles - Erastosthenes - 24,466 miles - Actual - 24,901 miles - Bartolomeo Diaz - Mariner's compass - (also from China) - Astrolab - determines latitude - Caravel - new design of sea faring ships; sit higher than most ships of the day, take in less water - Portuguese thought they could sail down the west coast of africa, around India and make it to China,; still unsafe route - Genoa - Birthplace of Christopher Columbus - Columbus: - Italian, father was a weaver, left home at a young age - 1476, shipwrecks on coast of Portugal, comes under the influence of Henry the Navigator (who formulated the idea of sailing down the West coast of Africa), sails around for a few years, returns to Iberian peninsula and goes to Spain. - Ptolemy
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Introduction to Latin American...

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