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Introduction to Latin American...

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Colonial Latin American Society & Economy - Colonization - Era of Absolute monarchy - Charles I (Emperor Charles V) - Grandson of Ferdinand and Isabella - Son of Joanna of Castille and Philip of Burgundy (Hapsburg family) - Lands under the control of Charles I - Spain - Southern Italy - Netherlands - Luxembourg - French Comte - Holy Roman Empire - Italian Wars - Not a country at this time; different kingdoms, principalities, and papal states - Being fought over by several European nations - Islamic threat - Eventually get to the gates of Venice; basically knocking on his door - Martin Luther - Augustinian priest - At this time Christian = Catholic - Pope has unprecedented control; crushes other religions - Luther was concerned with the problems and corruptions he saw within the Catholic Church - He wasn’t planning on starting a new religion but wanted the Catholic Church to clean up his mess - Nailed “95 Complaints” to a Church door; under normal circumstances he would have been taken to Rome and forced to recant his “complaints” but because of other threats (Islamic and Italian) the Pope and Charles did not have time to turn their attention to Martin Luther immediately and were then unable to put down the start of his new church; by the time they could his doctrines had spread too far and too many people had left the Catholic Church - Protestant Reformation - sparked by Luther; turning away from the Catholic Church - Hundreds of different Protestant sects - Sparked 150 years of war; Charles wants to crush Protestant reformation - Simony - Selling of church offices (bishops, etc) - Dispensations - The suspension by Catholic church of general rules of law - There was selling of dispensations - You could break the law for sale - Ex: Henry VIII wanted to marry his brothers widow (Catherine of Aragon); against the law so he brought a dispensation to be able to marry her - Pluralism - You could buy multiple offices for a price
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- Clerical Immorality - Ex: Popes with mistresses and kids - Open “secrets” - Nepotism - Giving church offices to family members and friends - Ignorance of the Clergy - Ex: Illiterate priests - Relics - An object that has some religious significance - Ex: Shroud of Torin - the washcloth that bathed Christ’s bloody face - People selling sham relics to make money
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Introduction to Latin American...

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