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Introduction to Latin American...

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19 th Century Mexico - Neo-Incan Revolt - Juan Santos (leader of revolt) - Eventually captured and killed - 15 year gorilla war against the Spanish - Tupac Amaru II - Taken name from Tupac Amaru who had led a previous revolt against the Spanish - Leads an revolt against the Spanish - Stole arms from the Spanish and met them on the field of war - They were eventually defeated - He was captured and drawn and quartered - Wars raised the specter of race war; Spanish are in danger because there are as many Indians as Spanish and they can rise up at any time - Fr. Miguel Hidalgo - Mexican Priest - Questioned: - Spanish absolutism - Papal authority - Clerical celibacy - Virgin birth - Church tithing - Guanajuato - One of the first areas colonized by the Spanish for it’s rich silver deposits - In Mexico’s war for independence, Dolores Hidalgo marched on this capital and he along with the mistreated and abused indigenous and mestizo people of the area burned down the granary that held the peninsulares inside - Founder of the Independence Movement - Found guilty of treason against the Spanish court and was executed by firing squad - Was unsuccessful in his aims to free Mexico but is considered the “Founder of the Nation” because his efforts inspired and guided future
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Introduction to Latin American...

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