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Introduction to Latin American...

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Mexican Revolution - Military phase 1910-1920 - Social Phase 1920- Military Phase - 1910 Diaz changes his mind about running for office again Madero Presidency - “The Mexican people want democracy not bread” - No land reform - Opposed Zapata’s communal lands - No recognition of organized labor - “Labor must abandon the right to strike” - No education reform - Nepotism - relatives and friends - Nationalization - tries to uniformly enforce Spanish as the national language - Felix Diaz - Nephew of Porfiriato Diaz - Along with his friend Bernardo, they brought fighting to Mexico - He finds himself fighting people he originally fought with Decen Tragica - In Mexico City - U.S. gets nervous because they had a lot of money invested in Mexico so Huerta and Wilson meet and agreed that Madero need to go. Huerta switches sides and Madero and vice president are arrested - Eventually the president got to Huerta and wanted help to protect the U.S. interest. Resulted in the “Pact of Embassy” - Not everyone is happy - Venustiano Curranza and Alvaro Obregon are pissed - Four people fighting in four different parts of Mexico - Brutal time in Mexico - Worst of the fighting Huerta Presidency (1913-1915) - Anarchic war in north and Mexico - Economic chaos - Opposite from Woodrow Wilson - Recalled Henry lane Wilson and terminate his service
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Introduction to Latin American...

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