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Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date__042210

Introduction to Latin American...

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19 th Century Cuba & U.S. - Creolo - Re Thomas Jefferson: - "I candidly confess that I have ever looked on Cuba as the most interesting addition which could be made to our system of States." - James Polk - Manifest Destiny - "Sooner see it sunk in the ocean" - Filibustering - Reasons given for Filibustering - Manifest Destiny - Spanish despotism - Heavy taxes - Slave trade - High tariffs: 50% - 200% - Absence of civil liberties - US education forbidden - Cuba represented a strategic threat to the US - Real Reasons : - Economics - Huge sugar and coffee importer to the US - Rich in natural resources and fertile land - Huge market for beef, pork, and flour - $60 million in trade in 1851 - Put South on an economic footing with the North - Eliminate cheap sugar that threatened Louisiana planters - Increase the value of American slaves - Possibility of abolition of slavery (due to English influence) threatened slavery in the American South - Offset the loos od North-South balance of power due to the Compromise 1850 - Narciso Lopez - Venezuelan by birth - Fought in Spanish Army during Voldemort’s (?) wars of liberation in S.A
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