Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_021110

Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_021110...

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Classical Mesoamerican Societies & the Aztecs - Societies divided by class - Powerful elite class - Worship of the sun - Large cities - Government administrative or religious centers where the upper classes live - Complex trade systems - Zapotec - Southwest coast of Mexico - Developed in 500 BC - Zenith: 4 - 700 AD - Had it’s own writing system - Renowned for it’s sacred ball games - Oaxaca - rugged mountains - Monte Alban - Great ceremonial center of civilization - Declines around 750 AD - Culture is the basis for later civilizations - Teotihuacan - outpost city of Zapotec - Declines around 1000 AD - Culture moves to Toltec - "Rome" of classical Mezo-America - Quetzalcoatl - Plumed Serpent god of fertility (main god; also connected to water and fertility) - Tlaloc - Water God - Highly stratified theocratic society - Religion plays a central role in the lives of the citizens - Maya (approx. 900-1000 AD) - Southeatern Mexico, Guatemala, parts of Honduras, Belize, and western San Salvador - Translation: "Peaceful Peoples" - Not really peaceful but did worship time and develop calendars - At it’s peak there were roughly 10 million people - Had a special “warrior class” - Peasants lived outside of the city on farms - Farmers practiced the slash and burn technique - Trees and brushes were cut down and burned, and maize or other staples were planted in the cleared area with a digging stick - Method exhausted the soil quickly so clearing had to be left fallow and another one made - Believed that kings had the ability to communicate with the gods - City-states
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Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_021110...

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