Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_031810

Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_031810...

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- Edict of Worms - Charles I branded Martin Luther as a heretic - Turned a religious issue into a political issue - Several princes saw Luther as a way for themselves to acquire more autonomy from Charles - Charles eventually gives up on everything and abdicates the throne (1855-56) - Peace of Augsburg - 1530 - Treaty between Charles V and an alliance of German Lutheran princes - Ended the religious struggle between the two groups that made permanent the legal division of Christendom in the Holy Roman Empire - Allowed German princes to select what religion they wanted their domains to practice, reaffirming the independence they had over their own states - Residents who didn’t wish to practice the religion of one prince could move to a different state that practiced the religion they preferred - Philip - Gets control of Spain and Spanish Netherlands from father Charles I - Ferdinand - Brother of Charles V - Charles turned over the Holy Roman Empire to Ferdinand - Dutch Protestants - English support Dutch Protestants that are fighting against the Spanish - Peace of Westphalia - Ends the 30 years war over religion - Says whatever religion the ruler practices is the religion that their citizens will practice - 1648 Spain declines to a 2nd rate country - Problems of Empire - Spain - Administrative: - Tried to write laws for and area it had never seen - Did not have the power to enforce its laws - Latin America - - Administrative: - Local offices for sale - Officials wield tremendous power - Rampant corruption - Social demands require money - Local offices not high paying - Exploitations of Indians - Black market activities - Latin America - Social: - Class jealousies - Audencia - only a position for peninsulares
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Introduction to Latin American History_McLarnon_Date_031810...

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