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Survey Research What is survey research? o Subjects fill out surveys o Advantages: Collect data from many people Collect data from many social settings, on different topics Most popular form of social research o Versatility Can enhance understanding of almost every social issue o Efficiency Collect many surveys quickly and at a low cast o Generalizability Survey research is one of the only means available for developing a representative picture Questionnaire development and assessment o A questionnaire is the survey instrument containing the questions for a self- administered survey o Must maintain consistent focus Use questions guided by prior research, theory, experience, or experts in the field o Building on existing instruments Use questions from another study Make sure questions are a good measure of the concept or behaviors you are interested in (valid and reliable) Writing questions o Most surveys contain fixed-choice questions o May also contain open-ended questions o Write clear and meaningful questions Different from conversations – no visual or verbal cues The same questions must be used with many different people Questions must be understood in the same way o Avoid confusing phrasing, such as: Vagueness: refer to a specific time or event Ex. How often do you feel scared when walking alone at night? Negatives and double negatives
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Introduction to Sociological Research_Kupchik_Date__031710...

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