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Introduction to Sociological Research_Kupchik_Date__043010...

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To compare whether two nominal or ordinal variables are related to one another, we display the data with a cross-tab table and compute a Chi-Square statistic. In the cross-tab, each box containing data is a cell, the column and row sub-totals are each called marginals, and the sum of all cases is the grand total. To create the cross-tab, put the independent variable in the columns, and the dependent variable in the rows. If they are ordinal variables, arrange the variables so that each is in ascending order (the highest value of the dependent variable is in the top row; the highest value of the independent variable is in the far right column). To visually compare the values, use percentages that sum to 100% for each category of the independent variable. We use a Chi-Square (χ 2 ) statistic to test whether the independent variable and dependent variable are independent of one another in the population. For this test, use frequencies in the cross-tab rather than percentages. Use the following steps:
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Introduction to Sociological Research_Kupchik_Date__043010...

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