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Chapter 8: Women in Paid Labor Force 1960- no laws barring discrimination on gender in the workforce Types of jobs were advertised for certain genders and were stereotyped in sex segretation fashions o Help wanted women- nurses, teachers, secretaries o Help wanted men- engineers, doctors, lawyers In the WWII 1940s time frame, an exception to sex segregation was made. Women needed to take over men’s jobs. It was seen that women were physically capable of doing “men’s work” When the war ended women were forced out of the work force. Women lost these jobs which were often better paying then the jobs they had, if they had any jobs at all o Most women who moved into the positions occupied by men had been in the paid labor force prior to this time period Up to the 1960s the majority of women were stay at home mothers In 1963 the first big legal change occurred Equal Pay Act – federal law governing all states o women and men have to be paid equally when they are doing the same jobs o Most of the time they weren’t doing the same jobs so this law was more of a symbolic measure In 1964 Civil Rights Act (Title VII) was passed. It is the biggest equal rights act ever passed o Title VII prohibits discrimination based on sex in hiring, firing, assigning to jobs, determining rates of compensation, conditions of work, etc. o There is a gap between what the law says and what actually occurs o The law at this time did not include sexual harassment and was not inclusive for pregnant women After the legislature (congress) makes it a law, the administrative branch writes the regulations to really put it into practice and spell out the law more clearly The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was assigned to oversee this law. They made sure the law was being adhered to, but many people thought they
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___032309 -...

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