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1. What do sociologists Arlie Hochschild and Chloe Bird say about the sharing of household labor by married, heterosexual couples? In her 200 reissue of The Second Shift Aflie Hochschild writes of the “70-30” gender split associated with household work. sociologist Chloe Bird suggests that once married, women do about twice the amount of work in the home as their spouses, increasing their stress and anxiety 2. What do cross-national comparisons demonstrate about the gender gap in housework? North American men are less egalitarian than Scandinavians, but more egalitarian that Japanese men. 3. What are the most common barriers African-American women faces in the workplace? Not having an influential sponsor or mentor Lack of informal networks Lack of company role models of the same racial/ethnic group Lack of high-visibility projects 4. What criteria does the EEOC recommend that courts consider in determining whether a work environment is hostile? It must be determined whether or not the conduct unreasonably interfered with an individual’s work performance or created an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment Whether the conduct was verbal, physical, or both How frequently the conduct was repeated Whether the conduct was hostile or patently offensive Whether the alleged harasser was a coworker or a supervisor Whether others joined in perpetrating the harassment Whether the harassment was directed at more than one individual Whether the remarks were hostile and derogatory Whether the harasser singled out the charging party Whether the charging party participated in the exchange The relationship between the charging party and harasser 5. What is sex-segregation? What is the glass ceiling? One aspect of segregating women and men into different jobs (known as occupational segregation by gender) is horizontal segregation, the segregation of women and men across different types of jobs Vertical segregation is segregation by gender within jobs. For example Barriers to advancement in the labor force is known as the glass ceiling
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___032710 - 1....

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