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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___040910

Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___040910 - •...

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Extra Credit Options: 1 page summary of lectures help on April 13 7:30 in 233 Gore Hall and/or April 15 7:00 in Trabant Multipurpose rooms What Consent means in law Under 16 in Delaware the person is not legally able to give consent and therefore rape is committed If the perpetrator is over 30 than the age of consent is moved up to 18 If a person is 16 but the perpetrator is 10 years older it is a crime If a person is 14 and has sex with someone 19 or older it is a crime 18 or older having sex with someone 12 or younger becomes a class A felony The law does not specify gender Manhood and Violence and the Dominant Ideas of Masculinity Michael Kimmel, Jackson Katz, and Terry Glenn Lilley are academic men who write about the connection between masculinity and violence School bullying and having their masculinity questioned causes boys to feel the need to affirm their masculinity through violence and fighting
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Unformatted text preview: • Boys are taught to solve problems through fighting • When talking about the dominant group gender analysis is rarely done • Gender is the single, most obvious characteristic when looking at violent crimes • 95% of violence is committed by boys and men, not only against women but also toward each other and selves • Boys are raised with the idea that violence and fighting is okay • ½ of boys right and brutality and violence is seen as manly o this is not genetically driven o media as well as family play a role o underlying messages in movies as well as the main idea can send a message • boys in shootings are over conformists adhering to the idea that fighting and violence is the most masculine way to solve problems. These boys are not deviant • a national meditation needs to occur to find out how did the ideas of masculinity become related to violence and how can in by changed....
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