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Speak Shows social aggression and indirect aggression by girls as well as the issues of aquantince rape Melinda shows the fear of being threatened- at the basketball game wshe won’t go out with David and his friends after for the fear of being attacked again. She no longer trusts her own judgment Sense of not being believed Being blamed for others actions- people think that she called the police because of the drinking at the party Sense of denial Depression Inability to concentrate Melinda has no opportunity to communicate with her parents because her parents never offer that time How to change violence toward women? o Programs for boys o Information and support for victims etc. Rape Trauma Syndrome
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Unformatted text preview: Phase I. Acute Phase (Initial Reaction) • Numbness, disbelief, physical shock, slow/inaduable speech, ansiety, fear, same guilt, violated humiliated Phase II. Reorganization Phase (can take weeks, months or years) Stage A. Adjustment • May resume usual activities, denies feelings about rape,, deals with practical matters, less interested in talking about it, may have day dreams and flash backs, may need professional help to express emotions Stage B. Integration • Suddenly becomes depressed, unable to stop thinking about the rape, experiences trigger memories, needs help with immediate problems and working through feelings, may have nightmares Phase III. Recovery • Return to normal behavior...
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