Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___041910

Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___041910 -...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Review Questions 1. Identify and briefly discuss each of the 5 themes of this chapter outlined by Shaw and Lee. Equity- some people have better health care than others because of a two tiered system that has different outcomes for thos who can pay or who have health insurance and those who cannot afford to pay and do not have halth insurance through their jobs or are not covered by welfare programs. o women are more likely than men to be uninsured because they are poorer. They are also more likely to be employed in part0time or full-time work without health insurance benefits Androcentrism- male centeredness, most research focuses on mens bodies as the norm; until recently women were not included in clinical trails for drugs and other medical devices , more money is spent to research diseases that are common in men Medicalization-normal functions of the body come to be seen as indicative of disease. Because women have more episodic changes in their bodies as a result of childbearing they are more at risk for medical personel interpreting these natural processes as problematic. It supports businesses that work against preventive medicine and encourage medical technologies to fix the problems after they occur with surgeries or drug treatments. Stereotyping- gender, race and other identities inform everyday understanding of health care occupations and influence how medical practitioners treat their patients. Women are more often prescribed mood altering drugs, or are assumed to be over exaggerating their illness. Corporate responsibility the role of the state in guiding and establishing that responsibility. This relates to how national and global corporations with strong profit motives affect our lives in terms of environmental degradation and toxic...
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___041910 -...

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