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Women in health There are 3 waves of feminism The 2 nd wave was from the 1960s-1980s This movement changed public policies and focused on women’s health- getting more info out to women, changing laws on how women get treated when they go for help Informed consent in accessing healthcare- Doctors are required to provide the most accurate information possible about treatment, conditions, and side effects of medicines (1970s) o Early birth control pills were really dangerous and contained 10X the amount of hormone actually needed to be effective o In the 1970s congress had hearings about the pill but no women were called to testify and there were no women in congress. One of the doctors called to testify compared estrogen to cancer fertilizer. Women were never informed of the danger in taking the drug and there was uproar from the women in the audience o Because of this, everyone needs to know everything about prescriptions they are taking Getting health information out to women 1970s
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___042110 -...

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