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Themes Central to Women’s Health Medicalization- functions of the body that are healthy and routine come to be seen as pathologic or related to illness; connection between high technologies and bodily functions Example: pregnancy and childbirth 1. Medical Model Birth is seen as a medical event Birth takes place in a hospital and prenatal care is done in high tech fashions with medical encounters Often seen in this way bc of births pathological potential- things could go terribly wrong according to Dr. Jospeh De Lee who wrote is book over 100 years ago; his ideas are still prevalent Scenes seen in popular culture highlight births as medical emergencies Risk Management of births- heavy reliance on technology even before birth and a heavy reliance on medical experts 40% of women have c sections even though it is a major surgery Emphasis on efficiency of deliveries and concern for legal risk by practitioners
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Unformatted text preview: • Electron Fetal heart gram/monitor shows a print out of the heart beat so if the doctor was sued he/she would be able to have evidence to justify their decision o These machines also allow for one person to monitor a few patients at once • High demand for pain medications during birth 2. Holistic/midwifery model- birth is a health process for the vast majority • Woman centered- the woman should be heard throughout the process and have her needs heard and met • Family centered- anyone can participate in the birth • Non intervention birth except for serious emergencies birth is not defined through technology • Pain medication is absent • Birth is way more than a medical event it is a life changing process • More time is spent with the woman by the professionals, and there is more discussion and after care...
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  • Spring '08
  • culture highlight births, bodily functions Example, Dr. Jospeh De Lee, Holistic/midwifery model- birth, Non intervention birth

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