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Medical Model of Birth 60% of obstricians have been sued at least once so the decisions in their practice revolve around laws Model reliant on technology Electron Fetal Heart Monitoring (EFM) o External- measures the strength of contractions and fetus’ heart rate; Doesn’t provide accurate info bc mother is lying down and it moves o Internal- more accurate; electrode connect to fetal scalp; if the amniotic sac is not broken it must be prior Both are useful in certain situations Routinely used, but it does not lead to better or healthier births Food intake is limited in hospital births and hydration is limited to ice chips because in the hospital there is a chance that anesthetics will be used, but most women don’t get anesthetics Most women get pain meds; epidural is the most common but this numbs the body from the waist down and makes it harder for working with contractions C sections account for 25% of births (probably higher around 40%) this is major surgery
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___042810 -...

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