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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___043010

Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___043010 -...

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Hausman, Mother’s Milk: Breast Feeding Controversies in American Culture One major affect of medicalization- women doubt their natural abilities to breast feed, have a baby naturally and without aid, etc. Early options- women breast fed their own babies or would hire a wet nurse Early 20 th century- artificial way to nurse, with formula, came about o Companies had doctors and professionals say that formula was the optimal way to nourish a baby so the formula would sell o They said that it was trusted because you can see it and measure it o This caused women to doubt their own bodies Through the 1960s formula feeding grows in popularity 1950s- lowest level of breast feeding ever with less than 50% of mothers breast feeding 65% of American women today breast feed for some time o Most finish by 6 months despite American Academy of Pediatrics one year recommendation It is a skill passed down and guided by older generations but in the 50s when people
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