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Media Projects Group 1: How shows convey gender stereotypes Lifetime was started in 1981 it was movies Monday- Saturday and Sunday was a medical information show Mockingly called “estrogen channel”, “wifetime” Website plays into the stereotype of women wanting to look good all of the time shows beauty makeovers, games, advice, diets play into consumerism Spike tv appeals to young men but 45% of the viewers are female (maybe girlfriends) Objectification of women as just body parts Keying in on the sexualization of young women Shows the male body image as needing to be strong Drop dead diva on lifetime addresses the idea of the beauty ideal Manswers on spike shows the “most important questions men have” all about sex and showing women as capable only of sex Lifetime and spike are saying the same things just in different ways Lifetime has more subliminal messages of the beauty ideal and appeals to the stereotypes of the woman as emotional while spike appeals to men who are competitive, aggressive
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