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Group IV presentation was created in 2004 to talk about issues that are usually not talked about Icon of a curvy, stereotypical sex symbol giving the middle finger Blogs about news pieces that are rarely talked about o Britain bans photoshop for commercials geared to under a certain age o Man aquited of rape bc victim wore skinny jeans Community aspect, support of others “Friday Feminist Fuck You” videos where women can put their views on youtube Unfeminist guilty pleasures where feminist women talk about the more mainstream things they like Provides links to other sites o 56% of women say they’re feminist- feminist majority organization o Younger women’s task force o Violence against women links Third Wave Feminism Shelia Nevons is an HBO producer who produces the show “G String Divas”- a documentary soap opera about strippers When asked by a woman why, as a woman, she endorses this show Nevons said “you’re talking 50s talk get with the program.” Levy makes the point that women are being asked to look at the objectification of women
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Date___051410 -...

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