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Chapter 9 Review Questions What functions does popular culture play in society? Play a significant role in reflecting, reinforcing and subverting the dominant systems and ideologies that help shape gender Reflect and create societal needs, desires, anxieties and hopes through consumption and participation Sets standards of beauty and encourages certain bodily disciplinary practices to shape identity and guide people’s understandings of themselves and one another 2. Why did Misty McElroy start the First Rock ‘N’ Roll Camp for Girls? She originally intended it to be a onetime event in the summer of 2000 as her women’s studies senior project at Portland State University Rock allows girls to be loud which they’re usually not allowed to be. The camp allows them to express themselves and learn about feminist issues like body image and self defense. It was so successful that McElroy launched an institute that provides the training after school. 3. Shaw and Lee argue that music videos have both positive and negative functions with regard to women. What do they mean by this? Negatives: sexualize women, sometimes in violent ways, women are present only to be looked at and music videos featuring male musicians are aired in greater numbers than those featuring female musicians Positives: allows women to script music videos from their perspective, produce a feminine voice that has the potential to disrupt the traditional gendered perspective 4. What are some of the major effects that television has had on U.S. culture? changed family life bc it encourages passive interaction, replacing alternative family interaction reality shows, and makeover shows reinforce dominant notions of women and standards of beauty tv messages about gender tend to be traditional. The assumed differences between the genders often drive the plot Chapter 11 Review Questions 1. What are 4 of the misconceptions about Affirmative Action that Shaw and Lee identify? Affirmative action is a form of reverse discrimination- reality is that affirmative
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Introduction to Women's Studies_Turkel_Final Study Guide -...

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