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Leadership Theory The New Realities knowledge is the new currency we are all connected the world is fragmented there is a new social contract on the table (should be someone productive and beneficial to your company) there is a renewed search for meaning (balance between work life / home life / leisure) power has shifted The Post-Industrial Era ‘creative knowledge’ is the nucleus for success de-regulation and technology are driving the greatest economic revolution this planet has ever seen quality products come from quality people Tragedy of the New Millennium labor costs are now an important aspect to company operations economics is driving decision-making jobs are no longer secured everyone must become an entrepreneur constant change often results in chaos 5 Milestones 1. There is now a new definition of leadership 2. Leadership is a process, not a position 3. Intellectual capacity (creativity) is the symbol of the post-industrial age
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Leadership Integrity and Change_Morrison_Date_021610_ -...

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