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Legal Issues of the Mass Media_Lambe_Date__031710

Legal Issues of the Mass Media_Lambe_Date__031710 - o Think...

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Protection of News Sources: Evidentiary Privilege – allows the person covered by the privilege to refuse to testify when they are called into court. For Journalists: 3 types of demands for information (dealing with sources) o Reveal Identity of Anonymous Sources o Provide Materials (notes, tapes, etc.) o Give Eyewitness Testimony (what did the journalists themselves see) Courts all respect and recognize the confidentiality of certain relationships
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Unformatted text preview: o Think doctor/patient or husband/wife o You should feel free to be completely open and honest inside these relationships Frontline Movie: The News Affair (Nancy Plume) Frontline Video • Deals with the CIA agent that was outed in a news story, which compromised her position as an agent and confidentiality agreements. •...
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