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C18WebLab1(2)-FILLED - Chapter 18 WebLab#1 Capacitors Part...

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Chapter 18 WebLab#1 “Capacitors” Part One * Go to the following website: http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/java/rc/rc.html * Look at the electric circuit on the screen. The yellow dots represent electrons. The equally long, parallel vertical lines (labeled “C”) represent the capacitor. The unequally long, parallel vertical lines (labeled “V”) represents a battery attached to the capacitor by some wires (the other straight lines). The thick red line represents a switch, which acts sort of like a door. Clicking the switch “opens the door” and lets the battery charge the capacitor. * Click the switch and observe the motion of the electrons. Also observe how the voltage across the capacitor changes over time. * Click the switch again to “short circuit” the battery, allowing the electrons “stored” in the capacitor to leave. Observe the motion of the electrons and the change in the voltage of the capacitor.
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