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Chapter 18 WebLab#2 “Equipotentials” Part One * Go to the following website: http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~phys1/java/phys1/EField/EField.html * You may need to wait awhile, but eventually a black background will be shown with some buttons and a slider on the right. Move your cursor to where you wish to place the charge, and then click. You will see a red dot, some concentric red circles, and some gray lines radiating outward from the dot. * The red circles are the equipotentials, lines that show where a charge would have a certain potential energy. The gray lines are the electric field lines. Click elsewhere in the black region to place more charges. * Click elsewhere in the black region to place more charges. Note the new electric field lines and the new equipotential lines. You can change the sign and magnitude of the charges with the slider on the right. Questions: 1) How are electric potential lines oriented relative to the electric field lines? 2)
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