10 mph to 30 mph in one minute are the same provided

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Unformatted text preview: in one minute. are the same. Provided by Ben Lui The slope of a position versus time graph at a point gives A. average velocity B. instantaneous velocity C. average acceleration D. instantaneous acceleration E. displacement A brick is dropped from the top of a building. A second brick is thrown straight down from the same building. They are released at the same time. Neglect air resistance. Compare the accelerations of the two bricks after they are released. A. The first brick accelerates faster. B. The second brick accelerates faster. C. The two bricks accelerate at the same rate. D. It is impossible to determine from the information given. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Physics Honors Chapter 3 Quiz 10. 1. In a coordinate system, the x-component of a given vector is equal to that vector’s magnitude multiplied by which trigonometric function, with respect to the angle θ between the vector and the x-axis? A. the cosine of θ B. the tangent of θ C. the sine of θ D. the cotangent of θ E. None of these. A passenger on a bus moving east sees a man standing on a curb. From the passenger’s perspective, the man appears to A. stand still. B. move west at a speed that is less than the bus’s speed. C. move west at a speed that is equal to the bus’s speed. D. move east at a speed that is equal to the bus’s speed. E. None of these. Consider the path of a particle as it moves around in a plane. Which of the following statements is true? A. The velocity vector is in the same direction as the displacement vector. B. The velocity vector is perpendicular to the displacement vector. C. The velocity vector is in the opposite direction of the displacement vector. D. The velocity vector is in the same direction as the acceleration vector. E. The velocity vector is tangent to the path of the particle. 2. 3. 4. Two displacement vectors have magnitudes of 5 m and 7 m, respectively. two vectors are added, the magnitude of the sum A. is 12 m. B. could be between 2m and 12 m. C. is 2 m. D. is larger than 12 m. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Ignoring air resistance, the sideways part of a projectile's velocity A. is zero. When these 5. 4 B. C. D. E. 6. remains constant. continuously increases. continuously decreases. Not covered in the assigned reading. Provided by Ben Lui An Olympic athlete throws a javelin at four different angles above the horizontal, each with the same speed: 30° 40° 60° 80°. Which two throws cause the javelin to land the same distance away? A. 30° and 80° B. 40° and 60° C. 40° and 80° D. 30° and 60° E. Not covered in the assigned reading. The paths of three projectiles are shown below. time in the air? Which projectile spends the most 7. A. B. C. D. E. 8. 1 2 3 1 and 3 All spend equal time in the air. A gunner in a slowly moving Air Force plane is attempting to shoot a stationary target on the ground with his guns. At the instant he fires, the target is far in front of and below the plane. Which of the followi...
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