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Unformatted text preview: By a downward sloping curve. D. Such a motion cannot be shown on a simple x vs. t graph. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Complete the following word analogy: acceleration is to velocity as __________ is to __________ . A. acceleration, displacement B. displacement, velocity C.* velocity, displacement D. displacement, acceleration E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Chapter 3 Quiz 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Physics Honors 1 Provided by Ben Lui 1. If the acceleration of an object is always directed perpendicular to its velocity, A. the object is speeding up. B. the object is slowing down. C.* the object is turning. D. this situation is impossible. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. If you want to cross a river in a motorboat in the least amount of time, you should try to swim A.* straight across the river. B. slightly upstream. C. slightly downstream. D. in any direction; it doesn't matter. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Consider a plane flying with groundspeed Vg and airspeed Va in a wind with speed V relative to the ground. Which of the following relationships is true? A. Vg = V a + V B. Vg can be greater than Va + V C. Vg can be less than Va + V D.* Vg can be between Va + V a nd Va - V E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Suppose that several projectiles are fired. Which one will be in the air longest? A. The one with the farthest range B.* The one with the highest maximum elevation C. The one with the greatest initial velocity. D. None of these. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. A pilot drops a bomb from a plane flying horizontally at constant speed. Ignoring air resistance, when the bomb hits the ground, the horizontal location of the plane will A. be behind the bomb. B.* the same as that of the bomb. C. be in front of the bomb. D. depend on the speed of the plane. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. A stone is thrown horizontally from the top of a tower at the same instant that a ball is dropped vertically. Which object is traveling faster when it hits the level ground below? A. It is impossible to tell from the information given. B.* The stone C. The ball D. Neither, since both are traveling at the same speed. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. An Olympic athlete throws a javelin at four different angles above the horizontal, each with the same speed: 30° 40° 60° 80°. Which two throws cause the javelin to land the same distance away? A. 30° and 80° B. 40° and 60° C. 40° and 80° D.* 30° and 60° E. Not covered in the assigned reading. A bullet is fired horizontally, and at the same instant a second bullet is dropped from the same height. Ignore air resistance and assume that the surface of the earth is flat. Compare the times of fall of the two bullets. A. The fired bullet hits first. B. The dropped bullet hits first. C.* They hit at the same time. D. Cannot tell without more information. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Suppose an object has components of acceleration in both the x and y dir...
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