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ch17labpg2 - "z.—-r IEIKIT llamafllfl...

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Unformatted text preview: "z. .—-r IEIKIT: llamafllfl: Elecu'icField 6) Stew}: rive elem‘ficfield armmd rhefillawfng changed abjecrx: a) admgedcylinder b) parallel, opposffebzdlqr-gédmtaiplates c) concentric, opposirebv charged cylinders 7) War mlesdathefieldfines mm obey? Arctiwreregularifies inhowtheyjbm? TL“: Reid liners saw Tc) 6‘— euenlg E-‘hcm;€_d 030+. The .‘éncfi SC-LW‘x To 30 shat/VI P05;‘,‘I;\"tia +0 mega-\Tw'fiir " Run.- ‘. . The-‘1 nevasr (‘36 {rm/m goam'flvf— re. cm M3m¥flf€z to mega-«mg Th; \; # Disk 17: Demo #13: Point and Candle Disk 17: Demo #16: Smoke Precipitation pom h a; march“ c . :93) 8) What mm have M seen that indicates fire-flame and smite contain charged particles? Explain. Eon,“ :k‘fii “VB $W\GUCQ E'M‘QVE TDW'CH. \f- 1-5.) Cl— cbrToxlNN thhfcjcd Qéierjlf el- Meme; “W‘Lfl {‘{mvl‘a m Calf-thin gkmwcaea céjeu-Jt, ...
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