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GA Assignment Answers

GA Assignment Answers - Physics Honors Distributed By...

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1. Carousel Columbia, Celebration Swings, Star Tower, Flying Eagles, Berserker, Orbit, Centrifuge 2. Flight Deck, Vortex, The Demon, Invertigo, Orbit, Delirium, HMB Endeavor. 3. Anything that involves circular motion is a velocity dependant force, and that would include merry-go-rounds and loops in roller coasters. Gravity is not a velocity dependant force because gravitational force is the same no matter where you are on Earth. 4. Amusement park rides should be designed for acceleration, because acceleration depends on speed in many cases. 5. A roller coaster has to gain gravitational potential energy at its first climb and some of its potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. Similarly, a pendulum has no kinetic energy and only potential energy at its highest position. 6. Yes, at the top of every motorized incline on any intense roller coaster. 7. Yes, at the bottom of the motorized incline, potential energy can be relatively zero and there can be kinetic energy.
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