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PHC3Exam2006 (2) - PHYSICS HONORS v v x v= t vvv v f = vo +...

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PHYSICS HONORS CH. 3 TEST: TWO-DIMENSIONAL KINEMATICS version 1 Show your work. Use scientific notation for answers larger than 100 and less than 0.10. Include magnitude and direction for all vectors. Write answers using three significant figures. x v t = v v v a t = v v 13 12 23 v v v = + v v v 12 21 v v = - v v f o v v at = + v v v 2 1 2 o d v t at = + v v v 1 2 2 f d v t at = - v v v ( 29 1 2 f o d v v t = + v v v ax v v o f 2 2 2 + = 2 9.80 [ ] g m s = D v x y A A A = + v v v 2 2 2 2 cos c a b ab θ = + - A guided missile is initially moving at 500 m/s [W] when it begins to accelerate. After twenty seconds of acceleration, the missile's displacement is 12.0 km [W20ºS]. 1) In what direction is the missile moving after the twenty-second acceleration? A gun is set up at the base of a plateau that is 200 m high, as shown at right. The gun fires a projectile with an initial velocity of 150 m/s [N35ºU]. The projectile lands on top of the plateau. 2) What is the range of the projectile? A jetliner is moving at 250 m/s [E30ºS] relative to the air. Because of high altitude winds, a radar station on the ground measures the jetliner’s velocity to be 180 m/s [E]. 3) What is the speed of the wind? A boy is playing with a toy airplane attached to a string. At time t = 0 s, the toy plane is moving at 3.0 m/s [N]. At time t = 0.15 s, the plane is moving at 3.0 m/s [N40ºE]. 4) What was the magnitude of the average acceleration of the plane during this time? A river flows south at 1.20 m/s. Starting on the east bank of the river, a girl swims at 1.40 m/s [W30°N] relative to the water. The girl reaches the opposite shore in one minute. 5) How far downstream does she travel as she crosses the river? A cannon is set up near the edge of a wide, deep canyon, as shown at right. The cannon fires a projectile at an initial velocity of 57 m/s [R46ºU] that strikes the far wall of the canyon. 6) At what speed does the projectile strike the canyon wall? A battleship simultaneously fires two shells toward two enemy ships, one close by ( A ), one far away ( B ). The shells leave the battleship at different angles and travel along the parabolic trajectories shown at right. 7)
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PHC3Exam2006 (2) - PHYSICS HONORS v v x v= t vvv v f = vo +...

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