The work the gravitational force does on b is the

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Unformatted text preview: does on B is _________ the work done on A. A. one-quarter B. one-half C. the same as D. twice E. four times Two eggs of equal mass travel through the air at equal speeds. Egg A strikes a brick wall while egg B strikes a soft pillow. Compare magnitude of the work done on the eggs in reducing their speeds to zero. A. More work was done on A than on B. B. More work was done on B than on A. C. The amount of work is the same for both. D. It is meaningless to compare the amount of work because the forces acting on them are so different. E. Work was done on B, but no work was done on A because the wall did not move. When a ball rises vertically to a height h and then returns to its original position, the work done by the gravitational force is A. 0 B. -mgh C. mgh D. 2 mgh E. -2 mgh It takes +10 J of work to stretch a spring 10 cm from its equilibrium position. How much work would you have to do to compress the same spring 20 cm from its equilibrium position? A. -20 J B. +20 J C. -40 J D. +40 J E. +10 J 7. 8. 9. 10. Distributed By: Tyrone G Carter TGC...
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