The kinetic energy of the object b the potential

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Unformatted text preview: he potential energy of the object. C. the work done on the object by the force. D. the power supplied to the object by the force. A block of mass m, hung vertically from a spring, causes the spring to stretch a distance ∆x. The spring constant is equal to A. m∆x B. ∆x/m C. ∆x/mg D. mg/∆ x E. mg∆x 4. 5. 6. Distributed By: Tyrone G Carter TGC Physics Honors Distributed By: Tyrone G Carter 7. A block is gliding over a frictionless surface at speed v when it strikes a spring, which is compressed a distance ∆x as it brings the block to rest. If a second, identical block gliding over the same surface at speed 2v strikes the spring, the spring will compress what distance as it brings this block to rest? A. ∆x B. 1.41 ∆x C. 2 ∆x D. 4 ∆x E. 0.5 ∆x A lightweight object and a very heavy object are sliding with equal speeds along a level frictionless surface. They both slide up the same frictionless hill. Which rises to a greater height? A. The heavy object; it has greater kinetic energy. B. The lightweight object; it weighs less. C. They both slide to the same height. D. Cannot be determined. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Given only the constant net force on an object and the object's displacement, which of the following quantities can be determined? A. the net change in the object's velocity B. the net cha...
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