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The net change in the objects mechanical energy c the

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Unformatted text preview: nge in the object's mechanical energy C. the average acceleration D. the net change in the object's kinetic energy E. the net change in the object's potential energy 8. 9. 10. Two objects collide and stick together. Kinetic energy A. is definitely conserved. B. is conserved only when momentum is conserved. C. is conserved only if the collision is inelastic. D. is conserved even when momentum is not conserved. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. 2008 Quiz Physics Honors Quiz: Chapter 5 1. Compared to yesterday, you did 3 times the work in one-third the time. your power output must have been ________ yesterday's power output. A. the same as B. one-third of C. 3 times D. 9 times E. one-ninth of To do so, 2. If you push twice as hard against a stationary brick wall, the amount of work you do on the wall A. doubles B. is cut in half C. remains constant but non-zero D. remains constant at zero. E. Not covered in the assigned reading. Distributed By: Tyrone G Carter TGC Physics Honors Distributed By: Tyrone G Carter 3. A 200-g mass hung from the end of a spring causes it to stretch 5.0 cm after it comes to rest. If another 200-g mass is hung from the spring, the potential energy of the spring after the mass comes to rest will be A. the same. B. twice as much. C. three times as much. D. four times as much. E....
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