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Physics Honors Chapter 5 Test FORM 1 DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST. SHOW WORK ON ANSWER SHEET REPORT ALL ANSWERS TO 3 SIGNIFICANT FIGURES. USE SCIENTIFIC NOTATION WHEN APPROPRIATE {X>100 or X< 0.1} 2 1 2 K mv = g U mgh = cos W Fd θ = 2 1 2 e U kx = e F kx = - Given: 2 0 ax bx c + + = W K U Q = + + W P t = P Fv = f N F F μ = [ ] 2 9.81 g m s down = then: 2 4 2 b b ac x a - ± - = UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED: ASSUME FRICTIONLESS, HORIZONTAL MOTION ASSUME ALL SPRINGS ARE INITIALLY AT THEIR RELAXED LENGTH A 0.01-kg object is initially sliding at 9.0 m/s. It goes up a ramp (increasing its elevation by 1.5 m), and then moves horizontally before striking a spring of force constant k = 100 N/m. The spring is compressed by 5.0 cm as it completely stops the object. 1) How much heat energy was created during this motion? A 5-kg block is dropped from rest from a point 5.0 m above the top of a spring of force constant k = 800 N/m, as shown at right. 2)
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