PHC6Test2007 - Physics Honors m m p = mv Chapter 6 Test:...

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Physics Honors Chapter 6 Test: Momentum and Impulse form 1 v m p m m = t F p = 2f 1f v v m m = sometimes 90 2f 1f = + θ sometimes 2f 20 1f 10 v v v v + = + sometimes 2 2 1 mv K = mgh U g = c b a c b a sin sin sin = = Law of Sines cos 2 2 2 2 ab b a c - + = Law of Cosines A 75-g rubber ball moving north at 8 m/s strikes a 50-g rubber ball moving south at 5 m/s. The collision is one-dimensional.   1) If the collision is elastic, what is the final velocity of the lighter ball?   2) If after the collision the heavy ball is at rest, what is the final velocity of the lighter ball?   A 20-g ball is sliding on a frictionless, horizontal surface with an unknown initial southward  velocity when it elastically collides with a 20-g ball that is at rest.  After the collision, the velocity of  one of the balls is 2.15 m/s [S30 ° W]. 3) What was the initial speed of the moving ball before the collision? A 1-kg block slides down a 5-m high frictionless  slope.  Once it reaches the bottom of the slope,  the block moves to the left and strikes a 2-kg  box that is initially at rest, as shown at right.  The collision is completely elastic.  Afterwards,  the box slides up a second frictionless incline. 4)
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PHC6Test2007 - Physics Honors m m p = mv Chapter 6 Test:...

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