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Electricity Multiple Choice - 1998 36. A resistor R and a capacitor C are connected in series to a battery of terminal voltage V 0 . Which of the following equations relating the current I in the circuit and the charge Q on the capacitor describes this circuit? a. V 0 + QC - I 2 R = 0 b. V 0 - Q/C - IR = 0 c. V 0 2 - Q 2 /2C - I 2 R = 0 d. V 0 - C(dQ/dt) - I 2 R = 0 e. Q/C - IR = 0 37. Which of the following combinations of 4 resistors would dissipate 24 W when connected to a 12 Volt battery? 38. Two initially uncharged conductors, 1 and 2, are mounted on insulating stands and are in contact, as shown above. A negatively charged rod is brought near but does not touch them. With the rod held in place, conductor 2 is moved to the right by pushing its stand, so that the conductors are separated. Which of the following is now true of conductor 2 ? a. It is uncharged. b. It is positively charged. c. It is negatively charged. d. It is charged, but its sign cannot be predicted. e. It is at the same potential that it was before the charged rod was brought near. Questions 39 - 40 As shown above, two particles, each of charge +Q, are fixed at opposite corners of a square that lies in the plane of the page. A positive test charge +q is placed at a third corner. 39. What is the direction of the force on the test charge due to the two other charges? a. b. c. d. e. 40. If F is the magnitude of the force on the test charge due to only one of the other charges, what is the magnitude of the net force acting on the test charge due to both of these charges? a. Zero b. 2 F c. F d. F 2 e. 2 F
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41. Gauss's law provides a convenient way to calculate the electric field outside and near each of the following isolated charged conductors EXCEPT a a. large plate b. sphere c. cube d. long, solid rod e. long, hollow cylinder 42. A wire of resistance R dissipates power P when a current I passes through it. The wire is replaced by another wire with resistance 3R . The power dissipated by the new wire when the same current passes through it is a. P/9 b. P/3 c. P d. 3P e. 6P Questions 43 - 44 A narrow beam of protons produces a current of 1.6 x 10 -3 A. There are 10 9 protons in each meter along the beam. 43. Of the following, which is the best estimate of the average speed of the protons in the beam? a. 10 -15 m/s b. 10 -12 m/s c. 10 -7 m/s d. 10 7 m/s e. 10 12 m/s 44. Which of the following describes the lines of magnetic field in the vicinity of the beam due to the beam's current? a. Concentric circles around the beam b. Parallel to the beam c. Radial and toward the beam d. Radial and away from the beam e. There is no magnetic field. Questions 45
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1998 AP Physics C Elec - Electricity Multiple Choice - 1998...

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