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PHYSICS HONORS LAB: MAGNETIC INDUCTION Station One: The Magic Copper Tube You should have a copper tube, a magnetic cylinder, and a non-magnetic cylinder. Hold up both cylinders to the copper tube and check for repulsion or attraction. Then hold the tube vertically and drop each cylinder into the top. Observe the motion of each as it falls. Flip the magnet over (so that the other pole is on the bottom) and repeat. Station Two: The Ring Launcher Plug the Ring Launcher into the wall socket. Place a metal ring on the iron rod, so that it rests near the top of the coils. Close the switch and observe what happens. (Closing the switch allows a strong alternating current to flow in the solenoid coils.) After waiting for the Ring Launcher to cool off a bit, close the switch without the ring on the iron rod. Then place the ring on the rod, and observe what happens. Repeat with different kinds of metal rings. Station Three:
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