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Unformatted text preview: LAB WORKSHEET: REFLECTION AND REFRACTION NAME: PER: Part One: Java Simulations 1) Whenisanw'venumberusedforan ' ' '_ . w w the, Meta «Peta-red *3" inc) tim— Mmror. 2) What is the equation of the line in graph #2? What is the significance of the slope? What is the y ificance ofthe int "1 ? Equation: «3-. -L0x+ao\ Significanccofslope: The, 51°F“; 1'; close. to —\. Significance of intercept: The ink-Ar" C591 31-, file in v<rgfl 5.. 1e“ mi 3) Using your answers to question 10, what is the algebraic equation linking the object distance to the «F: Fowl \e-t‘cl'ik (1/va (if P: oflierj distort 9‘ be‘Cf/ 4) What did you plot on graph #4, your trigonometric graph of relative intensity vs. polarization angle? What is on the x-axis? What is on the y—axis? Why did you choose that particular trigonometric function? plotted on x-axis: 'r r gnaMT‘l‘i o plotted on y-axis: Kala-1'1 v6 ‘1 Men 3 it reimritiflg Await, 3 cm. ca; 1 . Wm WM“ the. Cum—3191K wo~s_ 03 file ”'“mT'W'I “iélmlhj was. of? 1 E. H. ._ - - , . A ‘i'i/flw -.nt “SI-i3 5) What did you plot on grap #5, your linearized graph of relatwe intensity vs polarization angle. What Is on the x-axis? What IS on the y—axis? What' Is the equation of the line? What IS the si- ificanceofthe slo--? Oftheinterr-u s? plotted on x-nxis: waLE-D)‘ (JP-near \r- “:1, plotted on y-axis: R61 91.“: ”L “id “3 FY ‘ A“: [6) J equation ofline: g: 50 x - c9 00] significanceorslope: aloge "- “W significanceofimmept The '“ia‘ce’PT ‘n Maximum M—lp‘ti‘v‘é Oio Ere-r CS 6) Using your answers to question #5 what' is the algebraic equation linking the polarization angle to the relative Intensity of the light after traveling through both polarizers? Identifi all symbols 1n the nation. ...
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