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CheckPoint: Diversity Identify in 200 to 300 words the major trends related to diversity and explain their effects on the hospitality industry. Diversity in the world especially in the hospitality industry is an important issue. Diversity helps in promoting minority friendly reputation among employees and customers. This topic is important to me personally because I am a minority and I truly understand the value that comes with it in the business world and now more than ever is part of a business success. Having a diverse staff can help corporations not only to succeed but to obtain more and better customers. In the hospitality world a diverse group of employees are perceived to be more creative and efficient in problem solving rather than having a same ethnic background group.
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Unformatted text preview: One benefit is language, someone in a hotel will probably know more than one language and is a huge benefit when guests are visiting the country and it comes down to superior customer service. A hotel main focus should be putting the guest first. Guest have different backgrounds; therefore, a company should have skilled capable workforce with a range of backgrounds, views and experiences. (Red Roof Inn, 2010) Diversity is so important in the hospitality industry, and every hotel in the world should know the importance and how it affects service. A minority guest for instance, seeing a diverse staff feels a lot more comfortable in staying at any hotel than coming to a hotel and seen the same origin group of people. It’s a diverse world!! it’s a must in hospitality...
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