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Test 3 Notes - Test 3 Notes Education 20/20 Stupid in...

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Test 3 Notes Education 20/20 Stupid in America Functionalism What function would education serve in society? o Industrialization brought about more complex jobs that require training Conflict Theory Centers on a competitive environment, focused on status Education becomes a screening mechanism, more than anything else. To make it through college, you have to be dedicated and have a strong work ethic. This is fine in a small term situation. o Credentialism is an overemphasis of credentials to signify social status or qualification. As more and more people screen you for your college degree, it becomes more and more meaningless. Inequality in Education Equality – educational system is based on this “fair share” Most theories of education development rely on the idea that everyone is given the same opportunities. However, opportunites are not as equal as we would like to believe. Inequalities are inherent in the educational system o Individual Opportunities o Structural opportunities o Individual Opportunities Individual opportunities are ones that vary between individuals o Teacher
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o Student o School Structural Opportunities Structural issues are endemic and built into the educational system. These issues effect students’ educational outcomes regardless of the individual issues o Class o Race Both give varying levels of advantage Class: Two Ways One way class affects educational outcomes is through the Socioeconomic Status (SES) – way to measure class using your wealth and income. It determines where you sit in the hierarchy o In short, higher SES= more opportunities o Higher SES linked to better outcomes Higher GPA outcomes Higher graduation rates Higher standardized test scores Looking purely at SES is not sufficient, as the exception to the rule show the situation to be more complex. It is not the most sophisticated way to see where class intersects with education. Cultural Capital Provides a framework to incorporate the intangible aspects of educational inequality. Cultural Capital is built out of the class resources that people inherit and
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Test 3 Notes - Test 3 Notes Education 20/20 Stupid in...

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