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Crime - o Crime statistics are not quite as reliable and...

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Crime Street Crime – any crime committed in public. It is usually associated with gangs, violence, and poverty. White Collar Crime o Any crime committed against a corporation, agency, or business. o It is frequently associated with fraud, extortion, and profit skimming. o White Collar crime is on the rise, although the crime rate has gone down. o Bernie Madoff – Wall Street white collar criminal Crime in a National Context o Media plays a role in crime because of the way we perceive crime. o Poverty motivates street crime. o By media’s portrayal of crime, there have been increases in violent crime Crime rates in the US o Appearing to be increasing over time (Chart in book) o Affects because: Media Crime just exists Changes in crime report o Homicide rates are the lowest they have been in 35 years The homicide rate could be affected by medicine – not as many people die from gunshot wounds or violent attacks
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Unformatted text preview: o Crime statistics are not quite as reliable and detailed as it seems to be. o In times of economic recession, the reporting of crime rates goes down. A variety of social factors affect how and why crime is or is not reported. • Race in Crime o Chances of imprisonment for males and females White – 3.4% Hispanic – 10% Black - 11.3% o DNA exposes holes in the system 2004 data of death penalty exonerations • 62 black • 42 white • 12 Hispanic o First time offenders are not being put in jail as quickly o Rates in incarceration have gone up. o Differences in Crack and Cocaine – not just chemical Crack is for poor people. Cocaine is for rich people • By charging more time for first offender crack dealers, it gets more poverty-stricken African Americans put away....
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