Crime - o Crime statistics are not quite as reliable and...

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Crime Street Crime – any crime committed in public. It is usually associated with gangs, violence, and poverty. White Collar Crime o Any crime committed against a corporation, agency, or business. o It is frequently associated with fraud, extortion, and profit skimming. o White Collar crime is on the rise, although the crime rate has gone down. o Bernie Madoff – Wall Street white collar criminal Crime in a National Context o Media plays a role in crime because of the way we perceive crime. o Poverty motivates street crime. o By media’s portrayal of crime, there have been increases in violent crime Crime rates in the US o Appearing to be increasing over time (Chart in book) o Affects because: Media Crime just exists Changes in crime report o Homicide rates are the lowest they have been in 35 years The homicide rate could be affected by medicine – not as many people die from gunshot wounds or violent attacks
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Unformatted text preview: o Crime statistics are not quite as reliable and detailed as it seems to be. o In times of economic recession, the reporting of crime rates goes down. A variety of social factors affect how and why crime is or is not reported. Race in Crime o Chances of imprisonment for males and females White 3.4% Hispanic 10% Black - 11.3% o DNA exposes holes in the system 2004 data of death penalty exonerations 62 black 42 white 12 Hispanic o First time offenders are not being put in jail as quickly o Rates in incarceration have gone up. o Differences in Crack and Cocaine not just chemical Crack is for poor people. Cocaine is for rich people By charging more time for first offender crack dealers, it gets more poverty-stricken African Americans put away....
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Crime - o Crime statistics are not quite as reliable and...

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