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CIS 111 - Introduction to Programming and Algorithms – Fall 2010 BEST WAY TO GET AN A - TURN YOUR WORK IN EARLY INSTRUCTOR: PHONE: OFFICE: E-MAIL: HOURS: Ron Mummaw 722-6379 BE 210 [email protected] M-R 7:40 - 8:30; 10:35-11:00 WEB SITE: TEXTBOOK: Starting Out With Java 5: Control Structures to Objects - Tony Gaddis ISBN: 1-57676-171-1 ADVISORY: Completion of CA 103, or CA 221, or CIS 101, and eligibility for ENGL 099, READ 099, MATH 102. DESCRIPTION:This is a first course for students planning or exploring a career in software design and development. This course emphasizes a careful disciplined approach to computer programming. Problem solving through stepwise development of algorithms is presented. Students will learn programming language syntax, coding, program logic, and program testing. Students will plan, create, test and run their own programs to solve typical problems. BEFORE ENROLLING: students should have basic computer experience and be able to save and retrieve files, run applications and print documents. ASSIGNMENTS: During the course of the semester, you will be assigned one assignment per class. Obviously copied work will be graded only once and the grade divided among those students who turned them in . You will be expected to turn in assignments at the beginning of the next class after the assignment was made. They will, however, be accepted up to one week later.
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This note was uploaded on 08/30/2010 for the course CIS 70426 taught by Professor Ronaldmummaw during the Fall '10 term at Antelope Valley College.

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CIS111 - Syllabus - CIS 111 - Introduction to Programming...

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