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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date__042710 - saw o...

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Catalytic hypothesis continued The Deerhunter o Negatively influenced many children who ended up playing Russian Roulette & died o These children saw their heroes being successful at the game so they wanted to try also Taxi Driver o Where John Hinckley got the idea to shoot Ronald Reagan o Character wanted to kill important senator to show off to his girlfriend o John Hinckley wanted to do the same… Farrah Fosset received hate letters, but it was her character, not her who influenced the shooting The Burning Bed o Woman kills husband in sleep by burning him alive in their bed o In real life, a man did this to his wife but burned her alive in front of her kids o The end of the movie had 800 numbers for people needing help Rambo: First Blood (Part II) o 2 boys at prep school in California decided to kill the first Mexican that they
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Unformatted text preview: saw o They snuck out and tried to knife a Mexican man but he got away, then they found a Mexican man on a bench & stabbed him to death This Mexican man happened to be a graduate from college doing a project on how homeless people live • Beavis ‘n’ Butthead o Scene in show, they are going around lighting things on fire chanting “fire is good, fire is good” o 5 year old boy saw this scene & lived in a trailer home, he started a fire in his home & killed his 2 year old sister in the fire that he started • Natural Born Killers o Drive down highway killing anyone they feel like killing o Was imitated by many people in real life o DID result in law suit Woman was shot & paralyzed, her family sued Oliver Stone won the case...
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