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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date__051110 - o Went to...

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“Beyond Killing Us Softly” – Jean Kilbourne How media affects women “Manly” images Objectification Women reduced to various parts of their bodies o Battering women is often showed as a joke Legitimizations Print ads that contain barrage of images of violence against women have effect of making violence appear acceptable in real life o Ex. America’s Next Top Model (3 years ago) Glamorizes violence & has women trying to look glamorous after death ETHICS What should be reported? o Reporter Ted Cohen found court documents showing Bush was convicted of drunk driving in his 30’s o o Time Magazine reported this o Should the media report these stories? Fabrication o Janet Cooke’s story on 8 year-old “Jimmy” addicted to heroin (1981)
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Unformatted text preview: o Went to Washington Post, wanted to know real boy’s name so they could help this child o DC spent about 1 million dollars to find “Jimmy” o Someone looked at her resume, she had make up a lot on her resume, did not even attend a college on her resume o Turns out the whole story was fabricated! • Reporter’s Privilege o A reporter has the right to keep sources confidential, under certain circumstances o A judge grants that privilege, then reporter does not have to tell sources o If you cannot get information from reporter, you have to find another way to get information • When should a photographer intervene? o Oregon Journal photographer William Murphy saw a man standing on a bridge 100 feet over Columbia river; man’s wife was trying to stop him from jumping – what should Murphy do? o He took pictures & did not stop the man, then he published them all over ← ←...
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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date__051110 - o Went to...

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