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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_020910

Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_020910 -...

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Introduction 2/9/2010 Print Writing: Greatest human achievement of all time? The development of writing o First groups: Norse, Maya, Cuneiform Beginning of print media: Germany o 1456 Johann Gutenberg Invented printing press, printed Gutenberg Bible First printed on velum, skin of calf (expensive) then on paper o King Henry VIII’s Lost Paradise England o 1529 Henry VIII Developed first system of censorship o 1644 John Milton Wrote “Paradise Lost” Made plea for “marketplace of ideas” in Areopagitica No censorship, wanted free ideas BUT… Areopagitica: freedom for protestant men United States o 1787 U.S. Constitution ratified o 1791 Bill of Rights added to Constitution
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First Amendment protects freedom of Speech, press, religion, assembly o Forbade “false, scandalous, malicious” publications against the gov.;
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Mass Communication and Culture_Dee_Date_020910 -...

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